Raghuvanshi NEET is an effort to develop as a centre of excellence in the form of worthful and task-oriented education. We intend to habituate the young aspirants craving for success to solve the problems, they have to face, for a career in Medical. We intend to prepare the aspirants to meet the requirements of rapidly growing competitive fervour.

Situated at the Raghuvanshi Campus. III floor, Awadh Tower, opp.LIC Building,Kaysons lane,Nawal Kishore road Hazratganj, aptly called the heart of Lucknow, a city of tradition, culture and academics, Raghuvanshi NEET  has been a mark of excellence in the sphere of providing worthful coaching to Medical students.

We have a group of experienced, eminent and dynamic scholars having expertise in their faculty. We have drafted and designed the entire course in a way to cover it in a certain time limit, so that we can have time enough to make a thorough revision, to the benefit of the students.

Our RTS (Raghuvanshi Test Series) & RTTS (Raghuvanshi Topic Wise Test Series) have been of great worth. These test series, designed according to the pattern of different Medical Exams provide the student enormous mental exercise. These weekly and monthly test have been useful for the students for recapitulation of the entire course and help full to improve their performance. RTS & RTTS has not only been helpful to the students as an educational but as a psychological feed back. These test series have great academic worth. It also help the students for better time management at the examination table.

If you pine for excellent teaching and aspire for a quick success, the panacea is there you just need to grab it in the Raghuvanshi NEET. So join hands with us to get your vision of becoming a doctor in reality.



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